What Happened To The Crate Diggers? by ILL Brown & WBC Magazine | @ILLBrown

Over at W.B.C. Magazine, ILL Brown talks about crate digging

Maybe I’m showing my age here but this is something I’ve got to say. Technology is a wonderful thing and I love it! However, as a producer I have mixed feelings from time to time. With programs like FL Studio, Reason, Logic, etc; “Producers” have been popping up almost as much as new “Rappers”. Now I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle but I come from an era where if you didn’t at least have a turn table you couldn’t sample! Period.

Nowadays anybody with an internet connection can find gems that I spent years and tons of cash to have in my collection! I can’t knock cats for wanting to be creative though. Just do your homework and pay homage to the way the older gods had to get out their ideas. I always share the wealth with my peeps so here’s some valuable information regarding sample clearing. Get familiar with diggin’ in the foreign crates. In most cases you won’t even have to clear the sample. The international sample clearing system is a lot more Hip-Hop friendly! I’ll just leave you with that.

As a bonus click below for a track that I used a “imported” sample off of a record my uncle slid to me a while back! This joint is also featured on Maja 7th’s Breakout album so support my home boy! This is just the instrumental for that track which is titled “That Ain’t Love” By Hinx Jones Ft. Papi Jamon. The sample is “Tropeau Bleu” By Cortex. | Read More @ W.B.C. Magazine

Head on over there and check out the instrumental and such which is the first single off of Hinx Jones’ project that’s about to drop


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