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  • Amiir – “Ego” (Produced by ThatKidMyself) | @itsamiir @ThatKidMyself

    For his BDTB debut, up and coming Chicago artist Amiir connects with Chicago producer ThatKidMyself for his latest single, “Ego”. Amiir and ThatKidMyself are gearing up to release a bunch of new material, so stay tuned for more! “Ego” was was mixed by Clinton “HeadAche” Walker III for Classick Studios Chicago. Make sure to check out ThatKidMyself’s collab album, Forever, with BDTB favorite Pete Sayke as well.

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  • Slot-A – “1404 Beat Tape” (Release) | @IAMSLOTA

    Michigan to Chicago producer Slot-A just dropped another new project, and 1404 Beat Tape is a project that was made using an MPC 1000 and SP 404. Not only that, he then recorded them live to a 4-Track Cassette recorder. A little nostalgia for your Monday. You can listen below and download the 18-track project for free from Bandcamp.

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  • Onra – “So Long” ft. Chuck Inglish | @ONRAbeats @ChuckisDope

    In prep for his fifth album, Onra grabbed Chuck Inglish for a track titled “So Long” that will be on his upcoming Fundamentals release. The album will be dropping on May 15th, and it will have other features from Harlem MC Perrion, Daz Dillinger, Do Or Die, Suzi Analogue, Olivier Daysoul and Black Milk. This should be a pretty dope album. Listen to “So Long” below, and you can pre-order Fundamentals now from iTunes.

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  • PHENOM – “That Dough” ft. Add-2 (Produced by Rashid Hadee) | @PHENOM18 @ADD2theMC @RashidHadee

    Chicago’s PHENOM recently collaborated with Jamla’s Add-2 for “That Dough”, a song that is from PHENOM’s upcoming I Didn’t Come I Was Sent. The track was produced by the talented Rashid Hadee. Free listens and downloads now below, and the project will be dropping on May 1st.

    Mix by: Brian Cabanatuan
    Mastered by: Matt “Mr. M Zillz” Gregory

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  • Elementz Emcee – “Self Explanatory” ft. J. Hollins (Video) | @elementzemcee @apjfilms

    Check out the new video for Chicago artist Elementz Emcee‘s latest video titled “Self Explanatory”, a track that features singer J Hollins. The song is the QB and Nascent produced track off of the Tomahawk Gang affiliates Open Bar album, which you can get now. The video was directed by APJ Films.

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  • Tree – “TreeStrumentals” (Release) | @mctreeg

    Check out the instrumental compilation release of TreeStrumentals from Tree in conjunction with Mishka. Get the download and read more about it below.

    Today is the day for Treestrumentals, also known as Soultrapstrumentals, also known as @mctreeg “best of” instrumentals: twenty beats that span his career, from collaborations to solo releases, from unreleased tracks to bonus pieces with adlibs. Happy Soul Trap Tuesday, from us to you.

    Treestrumentals was mixed and mastered by Kawaakari @ Classick Studios

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  • Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiement – “Sunday Candy” (Video) | @DonnieTrumpet @ChanceTheRapper @AustinVesely

    Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment join together with some verses from Chance The Rapper for this “Sunday Candy” video. The Broadway-inspired video is quite the production! Be on the lookout for an upcoming Surf project that will hopefully be dropping soon. Directed by Austin Vesely, Ian Eastwood, and Chance The Rapper. Bump and download below.

    Cinematographer | Nathan Salter
    Steadicam Operator | Blaine Baker
    1st Assistant Camera | Ian McAvoy
    2nd Assistant Camera | Marion Tucker

    1st Assistant Director | Angie Gaffney
    Line Producer | Angie Gaffney

    Production Designer | Amanda Brinton
    Art Director | Drew Bender
    Carpenter | Blake Paine
    Painter | OJ Hays
    Painter | Rae Reichlin
    Painter | Mary Mooney
    Painter | Chesney Gregorie
    Painter | Erika Hood
    Painter | Jennifer Herrig
    Painter | Lena Rush

    Lighting Design | Michael Apostolos
    2nd Lighting Design | Scott Sheffield
    Lighting Assistant | Bob Zegler

    Lead Choreography | Ian Eastwood
    Bop Choreography | Dlow
    Footwork | Pause Eddie
    Footwork | Lil Bit
    Lead Dancer | Trevor Takemoto
    Lead Dancer | Monyett Crump
    Lead Dancer | Ade Willis
    Lead Dancer | Domino Johnson

    Wardrobe | Megan Spatz
    Wardrobe | Kate Grube
    Make-Up and Hair | Sarah Lawless

    Allen Washington
    Isaiah Sosho
    Renzell Roque
    Alexander de Guzman
    Kelley Bode
    Franz Luigi De Guzman
    Arianna Rozen
    Natiya Reggans
    Sebastian Rodriguez
    Andrew Phan
    Keenan Morales
    Felecia Hubbard
    Brittany Buena
    Jacob Ford

    Production Assistants:
    Danny Farber
    Trevor Hollis
    Claire Dobbs
    Zoe Lubeck
    Tyler Krawczyk
    Julia Hogikyan
    Molly Hickey

    Shot at Resolution Digital Studios

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  • theWHOevers – “Treehouse” (Produced by Ka-Yu) | @theWHOevers

    Here’s the second track from Chicago’s theWHOevers‘ new Marathon series, a song titled “Treehouse” that’s produced by Ka-Yu. Listen below. I’ve also added the lyrics if you’re interested in such things.

    When u in the street/ Feeling hungry got nothing to eat/
    When u Struggling to pay for heat/ When u think of givin up ur dreams/
    Supreme, team, the game reign to play u and…
    This that shit that get u back on track/
    Handle that, I got the keys, just like a pianos black/
    Dusty vinyls spin that record til it’s skipping/
    Play it back for those who missed it tho/
    They aint listening,
    Hidden messages hieroglyphics in lyrics just questioning/
    What to do when u slippin and
    These promoters tryna, play me I ain’t playing if u not payin okay then/ I’m just sayin/
    I ain’t letting them, get to steppin, I ain’t messin around Jo,
    I ain’t stupid don’t u ever
    I ain’t stupid don’t u ever

    Don’t try ayo
    U really tryna to go Fosho ayo
    Don’t you try that shit on me 2

    When they tryna sell u bull shit and u know the prices/
    You really tryna play me lemme roll the dices

    J. ARTHUR:
    And Make paradise with a of pair of dices//
    Order orange chicken side of yellow rices

    Big shit
    Big bank take little bank//
    Talk big, hold rank
    But First id like to thank//

    Everybody in the place tryna get they break/
    No breaks til we break the bank

    I remember just being honest//
    I remember when we beat the sonics//
    The chi town 96 swerve//
    Shit how you rep the city when you from the burbs
    I ain’t mad get it how you get it//
    This life’s too short I ain’t even bitchin’

    Haven’t been the same since 2012//
    Walk up in the kitchen got empty shelves//
    No Dasani never could afford Fiji boy//
    This life try to play me like a ouija board//

    And still wish my brothers Godspeed//
    And still wish my momma goddess speed//

    I’m bout to get it so fuck the lottery//
    I’m bout to get it so ain’t no stoppin me//
    I’m bout to get it so fuckin properly//
    I’m bout to get it so hold up hold up

    When ya looking for some inspiration//
    When you feeling like you out of place and
    When you running out of all your patience
    Keep moving dog that’s dedication

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  • Towkio – “Heaven Only Knows” ft. Chance The Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane | @towkio @chancetherapper @ErynAllenKane

    Check out this jammy jam from Chicago’s Towkio, which is a song called “Heaven Only Knows” featuring fellow Save Money member Chance the Rapper and vocalist Eryn Allen Kane. The juke-fueled hip hop song is a single from Towkio’s upcoming .Wav Theory project, which is slated to drop at the end of April. The track was product by Norwegian producer Lido.

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