Kanye West Sits Down With Charlamagne (Video)

Kanye West has taken the world by storm in the last week or so with him returning to Twitter, and in so sat down for an interview with Charlamagne that clocks in at nearly two hours. From saying that “slavery was a choice” to supporting Donald Trump, he’s definitely been controversial, but this interview is a personal in-depth interview into where Kanye is on his current journey of “information” – as he calls it.

I’m not going to turn this into an opinion piece, but I can tell that Kanye has been studying ideals around thinking less and feeling / living in the present more. Not so distant from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, which I am also quite familiar with, but he’s got to understand the interlinking between power and ignorance – and regardless of his “forward” ideas, a lot of what he’s saying is indeed ignorance. Anyways, I’ll share this video from TMZ that shares similar feelings to mine (the ending piece by the TMZ staff, Van Lathan).


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