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  • Run The Jewels – “Rubble Kings Theme” (Video) | @runthejewels

    Run The Jewels has been tapped to create, “Dynamite” for a new documentary of the same name. Rubble Kings is a story of street justice in the turbulent streets of the 1970’s South Bronx.

    The doc is directed by Shan Nicholson and the rest of the soundtrack will be available on January 15, 2016. A description of the doc is below or you can check out the trailer now.

    We follow “Little Nina”, who’s violently attacked by a rival gang on her way home from her grandmother’s house. What follows is an all out rumble between her gang, the fictionalized “Rubble Kings” and the “Javelins”. Run the Jewels alongside producer Little Shalimar provide the rugged soundtrack to the piece.

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  • DJ Rude One – “Mr. Goodbar” ft. Your Old Droog | @DJRude1 @YourOldDroog

    Chicago’s own DJ Rude One is working on a new project with Closed Sessions, and the producer-DJ just dropped “Mr Goodbar” featuring Your Old Droog. Above is a mini-documentary about the song and project, and below is the song itself. Be on the lookout for Rude One’s ONEderful to be dropping in 2016 at some point. Bong.

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  • Watch This Mini-Documentary About A-F-R-O: Hip-Hop’s Raider of the Lost Art (Video) | @afro_allflows

    This is dope on so many levels. If you haven’t heard of the 17-year old A-F-R-O, watch these two videos. It’s a great story and I’m highly looking forward to checking out what he’s working on. Below is a freestyle video of him with RA The Rugged Man and a five track mixtape over some DOOM beats.

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  • FADER Presents: “Vic Mensa: Down To Start A Riot” (Documentary) | @VicMensa

    FADER recently released a mini-documentary with Vic Mensa and Save Money. Read more information below. Directed by Focus Creeps and edited by Nick Pezzillo.

    Last May, The FADER spent a week with the rapper Vic Mensa in Chicago shooting our first video cover story, Down To Start A Riot. Mensa had recently joined Kanye West on stage at the BRIT Awards and was, along with the rest of his SAVEMONEY crew, teetering on the edge of breaking out in a major way. As Mensa’s go-to producer and friend-since-grammar-school Stefan Ponce recalls, “He really did what he always knew he was going to do. Like, damn, this guy is really about to change his life.”

    Citing the versatility of SAVEMONEY’s sound and the breadth of their projects, the documentary’s director Aaron Brown says that, “It was cool to see what [Mensa and the SAVEMONEY guys] were doing, because they were doing something that has a lot more dimension.” Brown spent time with Vic in the studio, where there was work to be done and fun to be had; followed him through the streets of Hyde Park, where he recalls seeing the body of a slain classmate as a teenager and where he is now stopped by admirers on the street; and he filmed him freestyling on a subway platform.

    “I had the idea of trying to explore the genre of documentary, just trying to pick the pieces apart of a rapper,” Brown says of the dramatic subway station session. “I was thinking of an acapella verse as a voiceover in a documentary, that’s what it was. Just trying to freshen it up. We’ve all seen a bunch of rap videos and a bunch of documentaries, so it was asking, how can we think about them as one thing.”

    With one hundred issues behind us, we are proud to present our first video cover story Down To Start A Riot featuring Vic Mensa and SAVEMONEY. Watch above, and check this space for more documentaries like this in the future.

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  • Mixing and Mastering Documentary w/ Daddy Kev (Video) | @daddykev

    Last week Fact TV released The Cosmic Sound of LA, a documentary on Daddy Kev and Nocando’s Cosmic Zoo, studio, and key physical hub to the city’s underground scene. With that, they talked with Kev a bit about his approach to EQing.

    As a companion of sorts to the video, we quizzed Kev on the studio’s set-up, his approach to EQing and compression, his opinion on the loudness wars and the different eras of music mastering. As anyone who follows Kev on Twitter will know, he’s full of knowledge and advice when it comes to music production – for budding producers this is a must-watch.

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  • Watch Jay Rock’s “90059” Documentary (Video) | @JayRock

    Jay Rock will be dropping his new 90059 album this Friday, and today you watch his new mini-documentary. Get a little more familiar with the original TDE member before his new album drops.

    90059. Five numbers that to the simplified mind might just seem like a zip code. When in reality, it’s more than that. “90059” signifies struggle, survival, family, growth, and most importantly, home to Watts native and TDE’s first signee, Jay Rock.

    The gutter’s in his blood, and knows he came from the dirt. Yet he’s still able to step up in the place with not a stain on his shirt. Haters want to talk, trying to work his nerves, but Jay Rock’s paid them no mind, he just hits them where it hurts. If you recognized the excerpts used for the intro of this paragraph, it’s without a doubt that you’ve been actively following the TDE OG and big brother to Kendrick, Soul-O, Q, Isaiah and SZA. No stranger to the game and no stranger to the streets, Jay Rock is ready to give hip hop appreciators what they’ve been anticipating – his new album, “90059.”

    Not falling victim to the fabricated opinions of the media, “90059” proves that Rock strays far from any “shadows” and remains confident in himself as an artist, lyricist, and voice for his hometown of Watts, California. Proving that this album goes deeper than sales, blog posts, entertainment etiquette and facades, is the latest installment of the Aplus Filmz mini doc series, “Aplus Docs.” Watch as the crew that’s been riding with TDE since Rock’s “Dollars Make Sense”, walks us through the mind of the 112th Street child as he mentally prepares for his September 11th release. Together we visit the free Christmas Concert at Nickerson Gardens, the Dew Tour, New York and Los Angeles listening sessions, private recording sessions and even a never before seen midnight freestyle with K. Dot.

    What’s been constantly deemed ‘a long time coming’, “90059” is undoubtedly a piece of art and realism that should be applauded for not being rushed as it is hands down, one of the most anticipated albums to make it’s way out of the TDE camp this year.

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  • Watch the trailer for hip-hop fashion doc “Fresh Dressed” (Video) | @MassAppeal

    “Fresh Dressed” is an intriguing documentary that follows the origins of fashion used as a freedom of expression and how it has translated to hip-hop culture, featuring interviews with Kanye West, Puff Daddy, Nas, Pharrell, Karl Kani, and many more. Read the description below and check out “Fresh Dressed” on demand by Vimeo, June 26th.

    After premiering earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, the official trailer for Fresh Dressed is here. Directed by Mass Appeal‘s Creative Director, Sacha Jenkins SHR, the film explores how hip hop fashion influenced the larger industry and ultimately affected mass culture. The trailer opens with Kanye West—an artist whose brand is a synonymous with style as it is music—speaking about the importance of “getting fresh,” which he argues is more important than money. Nas, Pusha T, Puff Daddy, Andre Leon Talley, and more share their thoughts on the importance of hip hop fashion, and are just a handful of the numerous icons that appear in the film.

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  • Watch Skyzoo’s New “Comradery: The Making of Music For My Friends” Documentary (Video) | @Skyzoo

    The full-length album will drop on June 23rd, but Skyzoo has unleashed a 20-minute-plus mini-documentary, titled Comradery: The Making of Music For My Friends, which is about his new projectThe film was directed by Caity Arthur and has Sky not only talking about the idea behind his new album, and a bit about his upbringing, but also shows a few clips of him in the studio making it. You can pre-order Music For My Friends today on iTunes. Watch below.

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  • Soulection – “Inside the Sound of Tomorrow 006” (Video) | @Soulection

    Take a peak inside the road life of the Soulection crew, as they document their tours through Europe and North America. This video features appearances from Esta, Evil Needle, Iamnobodi, Sam Gellaitry, Mr. Carmack, and more. The Sound of Tomorrow tour returns to Europe on May 7th in Paris. Check out the Soulection website for tickets and more event information.

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  • Who The Fuck is John Stamps? (Video) | @iyamjohnstamps @musicalfam

    Earlier this month, Musical Family Tree debuted a mini-documentary showcasing John Stamps, titled “Who The Fuck is John Stamps”, that was directed by Joey Ehrgott. It’s literally 20 minutes of following John around on a typical day, which shows him at work, driving around, feeding the dog, working on music, and rocking the crowd. When you get a little bit of time go ahead and get a bit more familiar with Naptown’s John Stamps. Read more about the premier here at MFT.

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