Ace One – “Rap Monster” (Release)

Naptown and Cut Camp representative Ace One has unleashed his grimy and dirty Rap Monster album with a fresh re-master. The project is full of heavy, dirty beats with some of that old school rap flavor, and features rhymes and production from Skittz, Joe Harvey, Richard Cook, DJ Spoolz, Krate Krusaders, Dying Breed, Jes, WhoisLouis, Son of Thought, Gritts, Scoot Dubbs, LONEgevity, Defame, and others. You can bump each of the songs below and download the entire project for free from Mediafire here.

This is the remixed and remastered version of Ace One’s first solo project, “Rap Monster” (originally released on September 1, 2012). Mixed and mastered by John W. Ripley for Ripley Recording. Download for FREE today!


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