Bumm Clack Records – “MUC2PDX” (Release)

New Munich based label, Bumm Clack Records, starts their catalog out strong with MUC2PDX, a compilation of beat makers from both Portland, Oregon and Munich, Germany. Side A features the experimental, laid-back, and spaced out style of Portland, with the Munich producers taking more of a classic boom bap approach on Side B. Solid.

Featuring: NorthernDraw, Itasca Phasar, Mtrshka, Durazzo, Anechoic, Yunsumz, Studenets, Neill Von Tally, Bone Rock, Bones, Montgomery Word, Taylor M, L One, Simon Knight, D-Fekt, Grasime, Hans Hu$tle, Harry Crotch, Tom Doolie, Mr. Polaroid, Samadee, tom2k, Contramodulator, digitalluc

This super dope compilation is now available as a limited edition cassette or as a digital download for only €0.50 on the Bumm Clack Bandcamp.

The MUC2PDX Beat Tape is the musical approach of two scenes that couldn’t be more different. On the one side we have Portland: its laid-back flavor and progressive mindset turned the City of Roses into our favorite US destination. The style is unconventional. And all twelve Oregonian producers add their unique spice to the stew. Glitch clashes with noise, detailed collages meet a nonchalant attitude. Unique and somewhat different from the Munich sound.

Over here, Boom Bap unmistakably builds the basis – even though lots of other influences are very welcome as well which results in classic material with a modern twist (or vice versa).
The B-side features a collection of twelve high-grade productions by Munich-based beat makers that were skillfully crafted along the Isar river.

Combine both worlds and you get MUC2PDX. An insight into two flourishing branches of the global beat movement. The magnetic tape manifestation of a long-standing international friendship and the ideal travel companion on your next long-haul flight.

David Peck

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.