Collective Resonance – “Resonance Vol. 3” (Release)

Be sure to not skip out on the Resonance Vol. 3 compilation from UK-based instrumental beat label, Collective Resonance. The compilation features a super stacked line up of members and affiliates of the Collective Resonance label, many of which have been featured here on the Beat! Lo-Fi Social blog individually. These cats are no slouches. Everyone featured brings extremely well produced, creative, and forward thinking productions. Slick future beats that work equally as well in the club as they do at home in headphones. Don’t sleep.

Resonance Vol. 3 features tracks from:

Prozak Morris, Cor Stidak & John Looke, Warren Xclnce & Tiger Tsunami, BläpDëli, C Y G N, Kaelin Ellis, Auxx, Man Of The Downtrodden, ZeMauno, Broken Keys, Ben Jamin, Phillipe Edison, Prof.Logik, Alexander Aultman, Handbook, Peter Beardsworth, Kensho, Scott Xylo, Dreamtree, Moon Reflecting

Available now as a name your price download via the Collective Resonance Bandcamp.

David Peck

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