INDIANA’S HIP HOP REPRESENTATIVE. EST. 2009. – “ [ 007 ]” (Release)

Online producer community has released the 7th release in their compilation series, [ 007 ]. In November of 2015, Canadian beat maker [ bsd.u ] started a new web-based community called is a forum for lo-fi instrumental hip hop producers to share their music, swap techniques, and grow a community together. Every month or so [ bsd.u ] has taken submissions from the talented crop of producers who frequent the community, and has most recently released [ 007 ]. The compilation features a stacked line up of mellow boom bap. Check it out. [ 007 ] features tracks from:

PRISM LITE, matthogan, Dr. Alien, jhfly, Kamala, sp0kyghost, CRANIUMNOIR, Cold, stowe, fortyfour, camel blues, L X S, mora., bergeron, abé, toj, knowmadic, tvrnxr, Mackerelsalad, lobdgt, bsd.u, lil chain smoker

The compilation is available for download via the lofi.hophop Bandcamp page. Vist to check out the community.

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