DJ Jazzy Jeff & The PLAYlist – “Chasing Goosebumps” (Release)

World-renowned DJ and Grammy Award-winning producer DJ Jazzy Jeff just recently released Chasing Goosebumps as The PLAYlist. The idea was pretty simple, as he invited a collective of musicians, singers and songwriters to his home for a music session with an extraordinary idea in mind: create, record and release the most incredible music possible in seven days. “Don’t die with SHIT creatively inside.”

Some of the musicians featured on this project are Glenn Lewis, SiR, Eric Lau, Masego, Eric Roberson and Dayne Jordan.

Jeff has always believed making and sharing great music with the world should be simple and honest. To prove it, he captured the entire creative process of Chasing Goosebumps and streamed it using Facebook Live from the DJ Jazzy Jeff fan page, allowing millions of music lovers to witness this unprecedented approach to making music.

Chasing Goosebumps exemplifies the sincerity and soul-bearing emotion that only comes from unhindered creativity. Not genre-specific, the album is an eclectic, yet cohesive, mix of soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz, pop and samba. From the melodies to the lyrics, Chasing Goosebumps is moving and provocative, tackling topics like social injustice, relationships, love and the music industry. Vocalist Glenn Lewis serves as the perfect vessel for these stories of frustration, anger, hate, inspiration, love and hope. His distinctly familiar voice navigates the range of topics and music styles with effortless delivery.

Chasing Goosebumps is musically as diverse as the artists who brought it to life, The PLAYlist. More than a supergroup, The PLAYlist is a movement that promotes authenticity in music and empowers artists to remain true to their craft. For The PLAYlist, Chasing Goosebumps is reassurance that real, meaningful music is not a lost art. Chasing Goosebumps is not the end of an era. It’s just the beginning.


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