Old Soul Ent. & BDTB Present Dre/Dilla Day 2018 For ICON Producer Series (2/17/18) – Competition & $600 Prize

Old Soul Entertainment and us at BDTB are teaming up to bring you Dre/Dilla Day 2018 for Indianapolis on 2/17/18 at the Hi-Fi. The event will be a little different from years past, as we are putting together a producer/emcee competition to compete for $600, with sprinkled performances from a few talented Indianapolis artists, all followed by a party featuring music produced by both J Dilla and Dr. Dre. Rules for entering into the competition to win the $600 is listed below!

There will also be DJ’s Topspeed, Sounds by Todd, and our own Jay Diff providing the soundtrack for the party.


a) Teams must have one producer and one emcee/vocalist.

b) Teams may also include an additional vocalist and/or one DJ (must notify when submitting, and they must perform as well).

c) Teams will create 3 new songs from criteria below.

d) Teams will perform their 3 songs (10-minute minimum length) live at event.

e) Teams will be judged by an experienced panel based on the creation, performance, and how well they utilize the elements given (further details below).

f) Winning team gets a cash prize & interview by the New Old Heads for their Backstage series.

We’ve provided a video below that lists all of the samples utilized in J Dilla‘s final project, Donuts, and using this video each team will create their songs for the contest.

Teams will select 3 Dilla songs and utilize those songs and the original samples to create their entry. Producers will need to go and find the music themselves to sample or re-interpolate as it will not be provided. We’re taking it back to the digging element. You find the song, you rip it how you want, and you provide the goodness back to us. Emcees need to write songs that draw inspiration from the original songs (or Dilla’s flip) – yet is still original in feel.

To sign up, you must submit to us a 3-track project, that is at minimum 10-minutes in length, no later than 2/13/18 at midnight. This submission process will confirm the contestants spot in the competition, but it’s first come first serve. The recording doesn’t have to be the best recording in the world, but you must show us you are ready to come and show out! Only the first 10 teams will be chosen/allowed to perform/sign up.

1) their overall performance execution.
2) how well producer sampled/re-interpolated sample to create new beat
3) how well the emcee utilized the original song to create new song idea
4) how original/fresh their ideas are collectively (ie, not carbon-copying)


Submissions are closed.


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