Hans Hu$tle – “D​.​I​.​D​.​M​.​Z​.​D​.​G​.​S​.​H.” (Release)

Munich-based producer Hans Hu$tle‘s latest beat tape, D​.​I​.​D​.​M​.​Z​.​D​.​G​.​S​.​H. – Das ist die Musik zu der Gangster Sex haben., is out now on Bumm Clack Records, and it’s butter smooth. The title literally translates to “The music that gangsters have sex to.” Hans Hu$tle’s talent shines through, blending impressive synthesizer jams with traditional jazz instrumentation, and a relentless Boom Bap beat. Clean. Recommended.

You can stream D​.​I​.​D​.​M​.​Z​.​D​.​G​.​S​.​H. below. Name your price Digital download, or limited edition cassette tape available via the Bumm Clack Records Bandcamp page.

Hans Hu$tle, producer of the Munich trip hop formation Akere, multi-instrumentalist and sexy mother lover, blesses your speakers with D.I.D.M.Z.D.G.S.H. (“The music that gangsters have sex to”). 30 minutes of pure sex appeal that will make you go LL Cool J on your lips.

The tape brings the funk to life without exclusively relying on funk elements. The melodies and perfectly imperfect drums create a unique soundscape that leaves the listener in a comforting emotional turmoil. Every track is soaked in mojo – thanks to Hu$tle’s playful approach to instrumental Hip Hop music.

And even though the title may raise different expectations, this tape is not solely suited to the reproductive acts of serious offenders – everyone equipped with a ghettoblaster will climax.

David Peck

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