Hinx Jones – 11 Piece SNIPPET!

Yo, Gritts and I (LONEgevity), who make up HINX JONES, comma splice, wanted to drop a little snippet of the 11 Piece.

We plan on knocking the majority of the smaller items we have left in the next week or so to be able to focus on getting it out there to you. Well, and write 2  new songs. As of now, this album (which was originally just going to be a small EP) will be a prequel to another album that’ll have a complete different vibe. The 11 Piece will have production from me on all of the joints except 1, which will feature production from the super producer Maja 7th. SUPER PRODUCER! We’ll also be featuring Papi Jamon on one track. Check out this small snippet and prepare yourself!


hinx jones A3C

Check the snippet here: Hinx Jones (11 Piece Snippet)

You also get to check my WACK DJ skills…haha. I’m excited for this project. You should be too!!!


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