Mr. Kinetik’s got some tunes

YO! Happy New Year! I’ve been MIA for the last week, but I’m happy to be back. Tuesday evening I got back from vacationing down in SC with my brother, and Wednesday morning I was browsing around on the web and came across a couple videos that my homie Mr. Kinetik posted on his site. The first is a joint is entitled “Questions”, which is a deep track with smooth production (I can’t place the song he sampled, but it’s on the tip of my tongue). The second is a really smooth jazzy/electric vibe instrumental entitled “Missing You”. I really dig both of these cuts…peep:

Mr. Kinetik not only produces, writes, raps, and sings, but he also dj’s. From my lurking on twitter, I’m hearing he did a guest DJ set at Coaches this last Tuesday with DJ MetroGnome name drop, and HERE’S the live tunes he played with J. Moore’s commentary. Check these things out, son! Get familiar with Mr. Kinetik if you’re not already!

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