Jay Brookinz Battle League Draft Selections: Season 1 (Video)

Last week, I (Lonegevity) sat down with J. Brookinz, Cool Hand Lex (Bangs Nicely), and Icon of City Dump Records to discuss the new Jay Brookinz Battle League: Season 1 draft picks. There were somewhere between 28-30 different producers that submitted to be a part of Brookinz’ new battle league, which will span from this August until next May, and include eight battles. The league will be scored similarly to that of NASCAR, and even though producers can win individual bouts, the grand prize will go to the producer that collects the most points throughout the eight matches.

Being said, as I mentioned earlier, we all sat down to discuss and choose the top 16 producers who were going to battle it out. You can watch the playlist above, a total of 13 videos, to see our individual discussion of each contestant. The selected producers are listed below, and you should hit this link to head on over to the event page.

Nevi Moon
Joey French
Dylan Prevails
Maja 7th
Bangers by One
Makwolf Preach
Business Casual
David Peck
Blue Jones
Jay Dee Plus
Mr. Kinetik
The Klinik
Kid Nappa



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