“Hotter Than July” Mixtape, Produced by ILL Brown – Recording Sessions @ Dragon Room Studios (Hosted by W.B.C. Magazine)


It’s coming. On July 22nd, the “Hotter Than July” Mixtape produced by Chicago Producer/Engineer ILL Brown will be here. It will be featuring Shayla G, F.A.B.L.E., B.X.C. (DTP/Def Jam), B.B.K., Gemstones, Dave Coresh, Water, Just Wise (of The Highest Low), Preach, Scheme, Melinda Bussie, Deeder, Malik Yusef, Papi Jamon, Mike Schpitz, Reno Chinati, Sam I Am, Crystal La’Juene, Sulaiman Shabazz, T.K.O., Big Taz, Chas Mac, Twone Gabz, B-Easy, and More! Be ready!!!!!!! Shouts to W.B.C. Magazine! Check out some of the recording sessions below!

Hotter Than July: Preview

Hotter Than July Sessions: Dave Coresh, Gemstones, & Twone Gabz

Hotter Than July Sessions: Preach

Hotter Than July Sessions: Sam I Am & Crystal La’Juene


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