HUMAN – “BET” (Video)

Naptown’s HUMAN has returned with a powerful video and song in “BET” for MLK day. The song was debuted by MFT for their Music Video in a Day series, and was directed by Jace for A Million Other Things. The song was produced by Canis Major. Read a bit more below and you can purchase the single from iTunes.

“In the film, there’s an all-white family who have views/structure of the ‘50s, seeing the world in ‘black and white,’ and are oblivious to the police brutality and death of a black man at the hand of the cops that takes place right in front of them.” – Jace

“I want the song and visual to simply pose a question, and that is, ‘Do the stereotypes of minorities portrayed in so-called urban media play a role in ignorance, bigotry and the misunderstandings that may lead to police brutality and police killing young minorities?’ Jace was sensitive to addressing that message in the visual. I loved seeing all of the on-the-spot creative energy that was displayed by everyone involved in filming the video in one day. I hope this visual is received well and serves as an opportunity to show case the talent Indy has to bear.” – HUMAN


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