Inner Ocean Records – “FUTURES Vol. 2” (Release)

Inner Ocean Records presents their “most ambitious project to date” with FUTURES Vol. 2. This sprawling compilation features 56 different beat makers from around the globe, and spans over a hour and a half. The compilation is a journey through a vast array of styles and feels, but all falling under the umbrella of lo-fi left-field Hip Hop.

You can purchase FUTURES Vol. 2 directly from the Inner Ocean website, or through their Bandcamp. The project is available as a digital download or a limited cassette tape.

Our most ambitious project to date, a massive compilation of talented young producers that are shaping the way forward. This release was conceptualized as a means to unite the music community together and be as inclusive as possible. An album by the people, for the people. With over an hour and a half worth of music you can sit back and vibe to this tape all day!

bilo 503 – cove
borealism – sunflowers
i n d k a h 引火 – A a z e.
med monk – tropics
kawfee – sinceivemetyou
street lo-fighter – C_04-2
p.stmdrn – unrslvd(終)
warmgloom – why that way
ezekey – infuzed
slumgod. – e v e r y t i m e
flux the cynic – rise (good morning).
conehead 錐頭 – sail
scoopkid – byrdman
brother mynor – love stews
dweeb – tireswing
lxced – tides
stray excel – caughtupinbtwn [royalflush] n2deep – we back
d.j. kool klone – shankar’s duel
awlnight – maybe
quima – its near
luviia. – 1st_sense
fly anakin – fuck tomorrow [prod. noah rime$] ΔKTR – cymric(groove)
yellatee – all you need
BSTFRND – team spirit
fausuto – coffee//jameson
david peck – fingers crossed

fly anakin X BSTFRND – janet j
henneysee – duit
lost son – aroma
dawl x buru – 1.1
[kumo] – don’t feel so bad
apOmorph – the g.o.d.d.e.s.s.
future beats – black chariot
cadeswet – they don’t undrstnd
fantompower – flan
bunko stew – eerie and willing
fiji.water – bape camo
guru griff – SoFine
KAIJU – jusso[yewknow] dlght – all night
aatma – green.tea[kombucha] knowmadic – chakra
GOOD MAMA [良いママ] – wheelie
zraja – soonr[orlater
yungmorpheus – floatfaraway
arbour – sunday piano music
white marble – ontario
buru – valentine
plcmnt – cereal
hooligunn.hølmes – highdryin’
breeze~ – jazz hop at the nebula bar
shamik – flickering
sumwon – justaminute
lucky.s – [peaceful.]

David Peck

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.