J Dilla’s “Back To The Crib” Mixtape Unearthed (Release)

We can never get enough J Dilla, and it looks like we’re getting some more unreleased goodness in the a Back To The Crib mixtape. As The Shining gets ready for special 7″ release, available here, we get a full stream mixtape of a bunch of tracks the man put together. Lots of jams.

I can already see you producers out there with the wheels spinning on flipping this tape into a beat tape.

It’s already been a decade since J Dilla — the mercurial producer and rapper from Detroit — passed away and his posthumously completed album, The Shining, saw the light of day on BBE Records.

As they prepare to release the project on 7″ for the first time, we’re extremely honoured to get our hands on a never-before-heard mixtape by the master himself. Made some time between mid-1999 and early 2000, it’s a fly-on-the-wall showing of what Jay Dee had blaring out of his speakers while on the sofa or by the MPC.

Sink into your own couch and press play before ordering a copy of the re-release.


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