Mike Schpitz “We On Fire”

Mike Schpitz has released his first single off of his “Stanley Ipkiss: Year of the Nice Guy EP”, dropping August 3rd. I’d post more about it, but I’m out of town and have some beats to attend to, and djbooth.net did a pretty good job. Check out the link to peep the track, and read more about it.

“As anyone that has been keeping up with Mike Murder, I mean Mike Schpitz, knows, the clever Kansan emcee just doesn’t seem capable of making a mistake lately (World Cup refs, take notes). This time around sounds like more of the same, which is actually some good news when it comes to his latest single, We on Fire. On the beat side the DJBooth Freestyle series alum enlists producer Rob Bates to keep the energy level up with a digitally heavy and video game inspired beat (is that Paperboy I hear?) that matches Schpitz’s constantly fluctuating pop culture reference flow… Read More | DJBOOTH.NET


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