OLIVIER ST. LOUIS Interview w/ New Old Heads Backstage Series [Discussion #2] (Video)

A little while back, the New Old Heads sat down and had an in-depth interview with the talented Olivier St. Louis. Today we’re letting the world see it. The Backstage series by New Old Heads is a one-off interview series where the New Old Heads sit down and have thorough conversations with talented artists that stop through Indianapolis.

The series is fueled by us at BDTB.

For this interview, the New Old Heads’ own Lonegevity sat down and had a conversation with the talented singer, instrumentalist and producer Olivier St. Louis on his upbringing, living in Europe, theater background, how he and Jakarta started working together, him working with Oddisee and the Good Company, being a scientist by trade, touring all the time and finding time to create, and much more.

Watch the interview above, listen to Olivier’s Ever Since The Fall EP, watch the New Old Heads’ interview with Oddisee here, and support the podcast on Patreon.


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