Nikko Gray “Love Seen”

Forget the fact that Nikko Gray is gorgeous. Her voice, choice of producer(s), and the way she gets down on the track is like love making to the ear. Like literally, or something. I’m gone……

“With just eight tracks, Love Seen is probably more of an EP but it feels like an album’s worth of material. Nikko has a smooth and sexy voice that fits in perfectly with the futuristic productions by Nevin Thomas, but she can also belt with the best of them. The album is centered around a slinky, head-nodding sound that is on display on standout tracks like “Nail Polish”, “Eyelash Wishes” and the experimental “Hello.” These tracks have a futuristic bump that cannot be denied and Nikko’s delivery meshes perfectly into the soundscapes. But Nikko is also diverse enough to include some rather powerful ballads on her album. Foremost of these is the seductive and cinematic “Love Scene”, which finds Nikko is full bloom…” Nu-Soul Magazine | Read More

<a href="">Eyelash Wishes . by Nikko Gray</a>


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