No Soliciting This Mixtape

Got a message on twitter from Solicit about a mixtape that I’m on. Actually, the Jimmy Powers joint I produced Same James on his upcoming Cali-Foreigner album. This mixtape by Solicit features cats such as Vast Aire, Copywrite, Blame One, Jimmy Powers, Main Flow, Adikt 1, and yours truly Lonegevity.

1.Solicit – Back In Time Intro (Prod. by Millz) 01:27
2.Main Flow – The Leak ft. Solicit (Prod. by The Specialist) 02:53
3.Solicit – Keep Talkin’ ft. Yung Tril (Prod. by Enormus & Solicit of the WordSmiths) 05:14
4.Solicit – Diseased Emcees (Prod. by Adams Apple) 02:50
5.Solicit – BWS Best 16 Contest (Prod. by Eddie P) 01:31
6.So. Deep SD – Runnin’ ft. Solicit (Prod. by Tony V) 04:49
7.Yung Tril – Fresh Outta Jail ft. Solicit (Prod. by Rich Money) 03:36
8.Jimmy Powers – Same James (Prod. by Lonegevity) 03:36
9.Adikt 1 – Beatdowns ft. Blame One (Prod. by Adikt 1) 01:41
10.Solicit – Mismatch ft. Yung Tril (Prod. by The Specialist) 05:33
11.Enormus – Everywhere I Go ft. Yung Tril (Prod. by Enormus & Solicit of the WordSmiths) 04:31
12.Darren G – Immortality (Prod. by Jason Mendez) 03:13
13.Solicit – Resurrection ft. Tony V (Prod. by Tony V) 04:09
14.Travisty One – Political Views (Hit Me Up Travis) 02:58
15.Solicit – Picture This ft. Copywrite [Snippet] (Prod. by Copywrite) 02:57
16.Solicit – Rodimus Prime ft. Mighty Joseph, Darren G, Arewhy & Thanos (Prod. by Arewhy & Thanos of Brother Hood 603) [Cuts by Tone Spliff] 05:53
17.Pacc Man – Like What ft. Curt & Solicit (Prod. by Stone Beats) 03:22
18.Solicit – The Whole World’s On It ft. Travisty One (Prod. by Copywrite) [Cuts by Tone Spliff] 05:04
19.Solicit – Rebel ft. Darren G (Prod. by Millz) 02:53
20.Solicit – It’s Official ft. Dom & Enormus (Prod. by Enormus & Solicit of the WordSmiths) 03:50
21.Solicit – Got Beat ft. Yung Tril & Menchinn (Prod. by Enormus & Solicit of the WordSmiths) 04:21
22.WordSmiths – Blaze It Up ft. K-Duv [Radio Edit] (Prod. by Enormus & Solicit of the WordSmiths) 03:22

Preview/Download the mixtape here: No Soliciting This Mixtape – Vol. 1


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