Supastition -“Gold Standard” (Release)

The artist formerly known as Supastition has returned with Gold Standard, a brand new album full of raps, booms, and slaps. Lots of dopeness on this one, and there are features and production from Praise, Rik Marvel, Boog Brown, Kenn Starr, MoSS, Soundsci, Jonny Cuba, Audessey, Octavio N. Santos, and Veterano. You can purchase the album from Bandcamp for $10.

01. Gold Standard (Prod. by Praise)
02. Flawless (Prod. by Praise)
03. Know My Worth ft Boog Brown (Prod. by Praise)
04. In-Crowd ft Kenn Starr (Prod. by Rik Marvel)
05. Black Bodies (Prod. by Praise)
06. The Day After (Prod. by Veterano)
07. End of Forever ft Audessey and Octavio N. Santos (Prod. by Croup)
08. Song for the Mrs (Prod. by Praise)
09. Unorthodox (Prod. by MoSS)
10. Changing of the Gods ft Soundsci (Prod. by Jonny Cuba)


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