A Tribe Called Quest – “We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service” (Release)

How many years in the making?

Officially dropping at midnight, A Tribe Called Quest have released their final full-length album, titled We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service. Quite a title. Not only that, there’s quite a track-list as well. I’ve added that below.

1. The Space Program
2. We The People…
3. Whateva Will Be ft. Consequence
4. Solid Wall Of Sound ft. Busta Rhymes & Elton John
5. Dis Generation . Busta Rhymes
6. Kids… ft. André 3000
7. Melatonin ft. Jack White
8. Enough
9. Mobius ft. Consequence & Busta Rhymes
10. Black Spasmodic ft. Consequence
11. The Killing Season ft. Talib Kweli & Consequence
12. Lost Somebody
13. Movin’ Backwards ft. Anderson .Paak
14. Conrad Tokyo ft. Kendrick Lamar
15. Ego ft. Jack White
16. The Donald ft. Busta Rhymes

Yes, that’s Busta Rhymes and Elton John on the same song. That’s also Andre 3000 on a Tribe song. That’s also Kendrick Lamar and Anderson .Paak on different songs. Consequence is even featured on it. I’m pretty excited to hear this. Preview it below, and make sure to cop at midnight!

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