Watch David Firth’s New “Cream” Short Film, Released on Brainfeeder (Video)

I’ve always been a fan of odd and interesting media, especially when it combines music and film, and David Firth‘s new short film for “Cream” – released via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint – is quite amazing. Some may remember Firth’s “Salad Fingers” series, which was quite “creepy” and odd in it’s own way (although I thought it was great), and his new short film keeps the inquisitive ideas while putting a real modern swing to things.

“Cream” features the idea of a cream that essentially turns society away from capitalism in nature, as the substance essentially has the ability to fix nearly any problem by simply applying the cream to it. It then goes down the “conspiracy-theory” idea that there’s a secret society putting a halt to such advances through media spins and worldwide intelligence manipulation. Sound familiar? I could describe more, but go ahead and press play to see it for yourself.

The time has come for CREAM – the latest product that will fix your life. This is the story of Dr. Bellifer, a scientific genius, who after years of smashing particles together, reveals his revolutionary new product: a cream with the power to fix all of the world’s problems.

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