BDTB Presents: Your Naptown & Indiana Hip Hop Dopeness – May 2013 Edition

I was thinking the other day that it might be a cool idea to start recapping each months content somehow so that everybody knows what came out from Indianapolis and Indiana each month. Well, today I went through and grabbed song singles, songs from releases, songs from videos, and put them all in a zip file for you to get familiar with. Check the track listing above, or below, and hit the link below to download the zip file. Enjoy!

Download via Mediafire

Ajene The God ft. BJ The 13th – Style for Free
Blooded The Brave – All We Need
Cut Camp – What Ya Say Now (LONEgevity Remix)
Dominique Larue x Maja 7th – #SOON
EJAAZ – Mantra (Produced by Boogie Ka Zamm)
Faba Van Exel – Thirst Traps & Boom Bap
Grey Granite – Satan Seeds (Produced by Ruse One)
Grey Granite – Ten G’s (Produced by Chopzilla)
Grumpy Old Men ft. Scheme – Inception (Produced by LONEgevity)
HUMAN – Off The Chain
J. Brookinz ft. Sirius Blvck, Big Chief Green, EJAAZ & John Stamps – Last Words
John Stamps – Screw With ‘Em
Lyrical AJ – Plan B
Mr. Kinetik – Re(Frame + Arrange + Define)
Nyzzy Nyce – I Just Rather
Pope Adrian Bless – Full Metal Alchemist (Umi Says)
Ricky Freezer ft. HUMAN & Blake Allee – Write My Wrongs
Sirius Blvck – Ancient Lights (Produced by Bones of Ghost)
The Klinik ft. R-Juna – Fiendin’ Tonight

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