Vlooper “COPYCAT (a Dilla Tribute)” Release

Some more eclectic dopeness that dropped in my inbox. This is really good. If you’re not familiar with Vlooper, make sure you check this out. Preview it below on bandcamp, and there is also a zip-file download below from GERGAZ. It’s free.

After the recent collaboration with the Canadian label Tout’Nou on the Analog Love album, GERGAZ shares Vlooper’s beattape Copycat (and Dilla Tribute). The beattape itself ranks Vlooper among the many producers paying tribute to J Dilla and Detroit scene. It is an ambitious project where Vlooper shows his great sampling skills although it was recorded without her favourite singer, Modlee who appears only in the last song Healer, a remake of Erycah Bad’s song. Kenlo, a longtime Vlooper’s buddy, appears in the beattape, precisely in the track called Phonobine. You can free download this fresh stuff from GERGAZ.



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