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After an almost two year hiatus – the FRSH SLCTS WKND BEATS series has now officially been reinstated. Joining the ranks among Daru, devonwho, Will Sessions, J1, Proh Mic & Hi-Res for the 7th edition of the series is an all new, exclusive beat CD from Portland’s own, Tope. First known as one half of Living Proof, and then later on as both a solo MC/producer, & one third of the group TxE – Tope’s production work can often get slept on the in the midst of his output as a rapper. So here with a freshly squeezed batch of reminders that he gets it in true on the beats as well, Tope offers up FREELEMONADE.

While already having production credits for the likes of Planet Asia and Scarub, alongside hometown heros such as Illmaculate, Cool Nutz, IAME and even pop/folk singer, Kelli Schaefer, Tope is looking to diversify his list of collaborations even further with this batch of 19 beats – all ripe for the artists’ picking, as well as something for the beatheads to just cool out to for the summer. Porch music – if you will.

For FREELEM – Tope stays true to the title of his first album by sticking to chopping up some of his favorite soul music. And although this is familiar territory for the young artist, its definitely not the only style he’s got – as you’ll see very soon with the upcoming FRSH SLCTS release of the first official TxE full-length, We Get It In True, w/ fellow group members Epp & G_Force. Not to mention his official sophmore album, Until The Next Time We Meet, which finds him rapping over a variety of beats, produced by the likes of devonwho, Hi-Res, TROX, Tony Ozier, Lawz Spoken & more. | Read More

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