EJAAZ – “Naptown” (Video) & Interview w/ BDTB

Indiana’s own EJAAZ has created a hometown ode dedicated to “Naptown,” which was shot by Jay Optic. EJAAZ did the editing. With that, we reached out to the young Indianapolis native and asked him a few questions on what he’s been up to of late, as well as some more detailed information on his new video single. The song was produced by LINO.

Check out our interview with him below.

BDTB: What has taken up most of your creative time in the last year?
EJAAZ: The one thing that has taken most of my creative time is trusting my process to hone my personal greatness. I create through feeling, even visually. Every individual detail in a video or song has to resonate together for me to love it.

BDTB: I saw you’ve been on the road a little bit as well in the last year – how was that experience?
EJAAZ: I was on the road for three months. But with touring it was the second time I have had to tour nationally as a supporting act with Skate Malolely, and I got to do it with my best friend, DJ Blottboyy. It was an amazing, humbling, and surprising chain of events for both of us, but I appreciated every moment. One of the best times of my life…

BDTB: Outside of the obvious, do you have a deeper meaning behind the new “Naptown” video?
EJAAZ: Yes. Naptown along with every song I make is directly derived from the reality of my life at that moment. In the song, I am just reflecting on personal habits, speaking on personal accomplishments, love, the music industry, the hate, and the perceptions. I even question the surge of violence in Indianapolis in relation to my control on others beliefs. Like who am I to condemn anyone for what they believe and why should it matter to me? But the premise is letting people know I am the father of the sway, I’m going through shit and I’m gonna be honest about it, and what I create is going to resonate.

BDTB: Have you been doing a lot of video work?
EJAAZ: I have been doing a lot of video work. I have done over 20 videos for other businesses / artists all around Indianapolis / New York. I am starting to host the videos I shot and edit for others on my personal YouTube page. (See that here.)

BDTB: Do you have anything coming in the pipeline music wise as far as projects are concerned, or are you just sprinkling singles and videos for now?
EJAAZ: #TheMOOD is coming in March.


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